Family wine country photoshoot

During the holidays a couple weeks ago, our family had our annual reunion.  Of course I just had to bring my light-stand and shoot-through umbrella to take some family portraits in the vineyards of Paso Robles.  This was my first time editing color photos using the Nik software but I found the effects very fitting for the beautiful setting and lighting.  I left the temperature a bit warmer that I usually do but felt that it reflected the mood well.  Obviously I am a sucker for lens flare.

After the rain - Tilt lens monochrome

Today I took my trusty Edge 80 tilt lens with a plan to do some monochrome photography in the rain.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate as the skies cleared and there was not a drop in the air.  However, it was still awesome to notice all the little things that make San Francisco so unique: a bicycle lock on a nautical wheel on the wall of a yacht club; a man drawing "star signs" with a chalk rock; a pair of skateboarders showing off on the Embarcadero; a mossy step leading to the Bay; patterns in the architecture of the Lefty O'Doul Bridge as well as the vista to the Bay Bridge.  By the way if you are wondering, street action photography (the skateboarders) with a manual focus tilt lens shooting at wide apertures is extremely challenging.


Rarely do I ever have Thanksgiving day completely free.  This year I was thankful to be able to spend the evening with my future in-laws.  Of course I took the opportunity to bring my light stand and umbrella to do some casual portraits.

Along the Embarcadero. Tilt lens photography

I rarely see monochrome tilt lens photos, probably because high color saturation tends to accentuate the tilt effect.  Taking up the challenge, I went for a walk down the Embarcadero planning to create some black and white images with my Edge 80.  However I came across this young couple who radiated affection for each other and were excited to be photographed.  Obviously they made a much more beautiful subject than some old buildings and bridges!

Shot with the Sony A7 and Lensbaby Edge 80

First Blog Entry! - Union Square and Chinatown

Excited to be posting my first blog entry ever.  The weather is finally turning in San Francisco and we actually got some rain for the first time in over a year.  To celebrate the occasion, I took my trusty Sony A7 with a Lensbaby Edge 80 and did some tilt photography while wandering around Union Square and Chinatown.  It never ceases to amaze me the amount of richness of life in this great city.  Sometimes it just takes looking through a lens to appreciate it all...